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Ali Trust T.B. Clinic, Pakpattan

Ali Trust T.B Clinic, Pakpattan was established in the year 1983. In Initial days it was functioning as Ali Trust Free Dispensary for general patients, who were given free treatment for common ailments. In the year 1990, Its status was changed to function as a fully-fledged T.B. Clinic.

TB patients, after being diagnosed and recommended for sponsorship of treatment, receive free medicines and a stipend to support better diet. The amount of stipend was started at Rs. 500 per month and has been increasing over time, based on cost of food.

Mr. Mehmood ul Haq Alvie came up with this novel idea to encourage TB patients to continue treatment. The patients were weighed at the visit to clinic every month, if their weight showed improvement, the stipend would continue. If there was no improvement, or loss, the stipend would be suspended for a month. This novel approach motivated patients to complete treatment.