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First President of Ali Trust Pakistan was the founder Mr. Mahmood ul Haq Alvie.

After the departure of the Founder and President of Ali Trust Pakistan, Mr. Mehmood ul Haq Alvie in 2014, his son, Ali Raza Alvie was nominated as the President.

Ali Raza Alvie served the cause of Ali Trust Pakistan with even greater spirit, until his death in January 2023, at the young age of 51 years.

Ali Raza Alvie had a BS in Engineering with major in construction management from Arizona State University, USA. Upon his return, he joined the family business, HAKAS Private Limited, and worked on several national level mega projects. Later, he took over Ali Medical Center Islamabad as Chairman, which he was running till his passing away to his final abode.

Ali Raza Alvie was a soft-hearted, kind soul who was always searching for avenues to do good in any form. In this respect, he was a true follower of his father’s spirit, and maybe some more. He has left cherished memories with hundreds of people and keeps living in so many hearts.



Mr. Irfan ul Haq Alvie has taken over as the third President of Ali Trust Pakistan. He had been serving as the Senior Vice President and on the Board of Governors of the Trust ever since its inception. He served as the Managing Director of HAKAS Private Limited after his father Mr. Mehmood ul Haq Alvie. Presently, he is working as Managing Director of HMHAS Private Limited, another construction company.

Holding the qualification as Associate Civil Engineer, he has a vast experience, more than 35 years, of working on mega projects including Bagh to Ajra Road,  Islamabad – Lahore Motorway M2 (Salt Range Section), Islamabad – Muzaffarabad Dual Carriage Way, Dualization of Inter-City Road – Toba Tek Singh, Shatial Thor Nullah Bypass and several other construction projects of national level.



Ms. Rafeela Naz is the Vice President of Ali Trust Pakistan. She has been serving on the board of governors of the Trust since 2003. Having a master degree in Zoology, she has a wide experience of teaching and managing education of more than 25 years.

Currently, Ms. Rafeela is working as Director of Education of the Trust. All educational institutions of Ali Trust Pakistan are managed under the Education Directorate. Over 4,300 students are studying in the Ali Trust Pakistan school and college. Under the leadership of Ms. Rafeela Naz, the Education Directorate oversees the entire education portfolio; curriculum, lesson plans, education delivery, exam schedules, results, quality of education, staffing, and compliance to regulations.



Mr. Ali Haider Alvie is the Secretary General of Ali Trust Pakistan and is serving on the board of governors of the Trust since 1996. Presently, he is working as Managing Director of HAKAS Private Limited, and a Director at Ali Medical Center.

Having bachelor’s in business administration with major in Marketing, he has versatile experience of working at different levels of management.


Ms. Rabia Asif is the Treasurer of Ali Trust Pakistan. She has been serving on the Board of Governors since its inception. She holds degrees in mathematics and has keen interest in early years teaching. She takes out time from other engagements to be at any of the Ali Trust schools and works with early learners.