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Ali Trust Secondary School, G-14, Islamabad

Ali Trust Pakistan established a junior school in the sector G-14 of Islamabad in January, 2010 to cater the needs of the less privileged and disadvantaged section of the population living around this sector. Initially the school was up to class three (03) but as of now has grown up to middle standard i.e. up to class eight (8th). This is an English medium school with an average enrolment of 450 students.

The motive behind establishing this school in sector G-14 was primarily based on the findings that the surrounding area of this sector was inhabited by kind of ‘Katchi Abadi’ whose children, due to extreme poverty were liable to go astray. Hence the school was established to bring in the loop such children as deserved schooling. So here we focus on bringing the children into the premises of the school more than to cater for the quality of education. To this extent we are pretty successful so far and are well on our way to achieving more successes. We do not even mind adhering to the prescribed age limits for admission in the school, rather we have instances when a 12 years old studies in class One.

It is worth mentioning that a substantial number of children are siblings of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).