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Mr Mehmood ul Haq Alvie was born in 1937 in a village named Khaambra, some seven miles away from Jalandhar in a prestigious Awan family.

Mr. Alvie rose from humble beginning and through sheer struggle, established one of the largest and most prestigious construction company of Pakistan, HAKAS PRIVATE LIMITED. HAKAS did many landmark, mega projects, such as Murree Expressway, sections of Karakoram Highway, portions of several large dams, sections of salt range at M2 Motorway, Muzaffarabad dual carriageway etc.

Though he was doing welfare work since the beginning, but he formally registered Ali Trust Pakistan in 1984.

From the beginning, Mr. Alvie carried a passion for doing welfare work which came in all forms. Helping the needy, distributing food and clothes was a regular matter. Over time, he realized that the poorer people did not have access to education, and this was more so in case of girls. This led him to start establishing schools for girls and boys, and he made seven schools at various locations, each having its own custom building. His dream project came through with the establishment of Ali Trust College at Islamabad, which is a free residential college for students from across the country.

His other focus was health, which he fulfilled through establishing a free eye hospital at Okara, a TB dispensary at Pakpattan, and a mobile free dispensary at Islamabad. He also constructed several mosques which run under the Trust. He also ran a free transport service which benefitted hundreds of commuters, and supply of free clean water to poor localities with no access to clean water.

The most important legacy of Mr. Mehmood ul Haq Alvie is that he organized resources of Ali Trust Pakistan in a way that it remains self-sustaining. Ali Trust Pakistan does not take donations from any source in any form, and it does not charge for any service it renders to

Founder Of Ali Trust Pakistan